Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mrs. Hancock's Pudding Cap Pattern: Part Two

On the left is the Pudding Cap from the V&A, on the right is the pudding cap I recreated.
I'm proud to say that the pudding cap is done. Here's how it came together...
I sewed the four triangles together using backstitches and lightly stuffed them with lambswool. I then sewed the band together with backstitches. I cut a piece of pasteboard that I slipped into the band and then...
...using a tension rod, I stuffed it with lambswool.
Next I backstitched the four triangles to the band at regular intervals and applied black velvet ribbon (which is 1/2in thick) straight across the bottom and top seams.
A view from the inside.
I added ribbon to the triangles.
I needed some black grosgrain ribbon to attach to the band to tie it closed. I decided I would sacrifice my trimmed hat...
....and borrow ribbon from the tie. To close the band, I pinned the ribbon inside the fabric.
I backstitched it closed and then whip stitched the ribbon to the fabric to help ensure that it won't rip out.

For the silk ribbon ties at the top (which used two pieces of 19in long ribbon that is 2in thick), I sewed them to two of the triangle's points and declared the project done!

To improve this project:
  • The triangles should be more oblong in shape, to better reflect the original.
  • Using a velvet ribbon that is less than 1/2in thick would also better reflect the original. 
  • I found that the band didn't shrink when stuffed and I ended up cutting about 4in was so big it would have fit my head. 
  • I probably didn't need to have a separate seam on the bottom of the band. It's hard to tell if the original has the velvet trim along the bottom...I'm guessing that it might not in which case I should have cut the fabric to be one continuous piece. 
To read about the "proof in the pudding"--the lambswool and the vintage velvet ribbon trim--visit my blog.


  1. I can't comment on your blog for some reason, but thank you for the source of vintage silk ribbon! And how precious is she in her pudding cap! Is she okay with wearing it?

  2. I was asking my son (now 17) if he remembers his old baby clothes (he wore a gown until 3) and he only remembers not having his pudding on when he fell, and wishing he did! I remember falls while he was wearing it, it worked, no bruises!