Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mrs. Hancock's Completed Baby Cap

Little Miss Hancock models her new cap.
Remember that baby cap I couldn't complete because of lace issues? Well I am happy to report that, after receiving some expert guidance from Ms. Boylston, the project is done!

I purchased insertion lace and matching lace to trim the cap from Martha Pullen.

I ripped out the cottony insertion lace and added a strip of the new stuff.

The picture below offers a peek at the inside:

I added the lace to the edge of the cap and... was done!

Above, Miss Hancock models her new cap which was made by following the direction on Sharon Burnston's website. (Please excuse the modern high chair and PJs.) It fits her well, though at the rapid rate she's growing, I think I will soon have to make her a new one.


  1. All together now.....


    Nicely done! Can you link to add the lace you chose, in case others want to stock pile some (decent lace can be hard to come by!)

  2. PRECIOUS. You did a wonderful job, Mrs. Hancock!

  3. Thanks for thinking she's a cutie! For the lace, I used Martha Pullen's:

    French lace insertion

    French lace edging