Thursday, December 22, 2011

Miss Hancock Models Her New Stays

Upon completing the baby stays, Miss Hancock happily modeled them. While she was not a fan of holding still while they were laced up (what 15 month old wants to hold still?) she quickly adapted and had little trouble performing her favorite activities... 
 Like rearranging mommy's spoons...

 ...and banging them on the floor.


She could crawl just fine. 

 And she quickly partook in her other favorite dining room activity -- organizing the wooden bowls.

 The only thing she somewhat struggled with was squatting and standing up. But don't we all have those issues when wearing stays? 


  1. It looks like you have the eyelets arranged offset, for spiral lacing, right? I find it faster to lace by anchoring one lace at the bottom, then, since I'm a righty, I push the lace into the holes in the right half, and out the holes on the left side, all the way up. Then, at the top, after snugging up, I make a loop, close to the edge, and pass it under the cross lace, and then pull a loop up through that loop, while tightening it, like making a finger crochet chain (a period technique, looking at drums, among other places).

    I sometimes will pass the lace through the top row of holes an extra time, to make it easier to fasten off, since the extra pass keeps the tension tight, while I'm fussing with the loops. That might help with a wiggler.

    She looks great in her little stays!!!!

  2. These are so cute! I love the photos, the bowls just match the outfit.