Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thankgiving from the Crazy Concord Chicks

The Crazy Concord Chicks would like to wish our readers much happiness on this Day of Thanksgiving!  We'd also like to share what we are thankful for....

" Learning a new skill: I've never sewn before getting into this hobby.
Furthering my research skills, which is helpful in my real life.
The opportunity to learn from some of the most amazing, bright, and
helpful people I have ever met.
The infinite patience the more experienced reenactors have for a newbie
like me!"
--Miss Kristin

"This year, I'm thankful for the wonderful fabric that is linen and my new fancy 18c. shoes."
--Miss Wendy

"I’m grateful for the wonderful bunch of women and men that make up the living history community to which I belong.... for their research, insight, constructive criticism, willingness to share their  knowledge, humor and patience.  I’m also grateful for the opportunity to share my love of history with so many people both in and out of the hobby and for the tall guy who started me in this “hobby” so many years ago when he was not so tall."
--Mrs. Glasse

"I'm thankful for the wonderful friendships that I have developed by being involved with this crazy hobby, and the fact that we all push each other to do the best that we can!"
--Mrs, Derby

"I am thankful for my 18th century family.
I am thankful to have an outlet which addresses so many of my needs all at once! For example, my needs to learn and grow, to disseminate knowledge (to grown-ups), to play dress-up and to escape from my hectic 21st century life!
Finally, I am thankful for a hobby in which I found a hubby with the same weird interests that I have!"
--Mrs. Revere

"I am thankful for the other creative women who are generous with their ideas, which help me participate, despite myriad challenges."
-Mrs. Miles

"Thankful for the many good friends and good people in this hobby."
--Mrs. Peabody

"I'm thankful for a hobby where there are discoveries to be made around every corner and I'm ever thankful for the friends who make it all fun."
--Mrs. Skinner

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