Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Why a Challenge?

Because we all need a little motivation.  Let's face it, we're human and we are all busy people with jobs, families and life commitments.  Most of us use goals as motivational tools. Want to run faster and longer, you enter a road race.  Want to improve your handicap, you sign up for that charity match at the local golf course.  Have a couple of pounds to lose?  Put the date of your high school reunion on the calendar and see what happens.  And there are those of us in the reenactment world who look forward to an upcoming event and use the event to motivate them to make something new or add a new accessory to their impression or finally finish that project that is hanging on the chair.

We all have parts of our kit that need work.  Even things we thought were totally correct at one point turn out not to be with the advent of new research.  Kitting up for living history is not an exact science.  We don't have the same materials available to us, the research is on-going, plus this is a hobby and we need to play within our means and abilities.  However, that does not mean we shouldn't strive to improve the things we can and a small local event or a large national event can be the impetus to make those improvements.

We selected a muster day because it allows for a wide range of interpretive possibilities - from lower class to upper class, military or not.  And a specific date was chosen in order to explore the nuances in clothing of a particular year and locale, as well as to get a more focused look at pre-war Concord.

Some people will embrace this challenge, others will not.  There are those who live for the big powder burner events, while some prefer small town programs, while there are still others who just adore roughing it at an immersion event -- that's what make the world go round.

Those who choose to participate will set a goal for this challenge that is appropriate for them.  And since staying on track is easier with the support and guidance of those with similar goals, everyone will have each other to help keep them motivated.  Research will be shared, ideas exchanged, and we'll each be challenged to move forward.

Coming next: Does that mean I have to make a whole new kit?

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