Thursday, August 25, 2011

Connecticut Historical Society

Just spent some time zooming through the Connecticut Historical Society and their new museum database online.  Found lots of shoes and a few things of note for the Concord Chicks, especially this lovely portrait for the young matrons. 

Jane Ellery, Connecticut Historical Society
Check out her lovely cap, simple gown and accessories.  A perfect color for many, this rosy peach would flatter most complexions.   The date on this portrait is 1772,  her gown has a stomacher front with only simple ruching as trim on the robings, double sleeve flounces and double sleeve ruffles.  Her hair is high, but simple in style, the cap coming to a point at center front is perfect for the high hair.  The cap is very do-able, will help someone if they want to try this cap.   A simple not expensive silk taffeta will work well to reproduce this type of dress.   Doesn't she look like Becky F.?

Mrs. Peabody


  1. And to those who contend that this style of cap is fantasy - here it is appearing in in a portrait *not* done by Copley.

  2. The cap has pleats! I love pleats on a cap, they are so much easier to iron!