Monday, August 15, 2011

Mrs. Revere Joins The Party

This being my first blogging experience, I think I should begin by introducing myself. My name is Victoria, or Vicky.
After first working as an interpreter at a 17th century living history museum, I advanced to the 18th century in 2002. I came into the hobby by myself, (a single teenager) but ended up meeting my husband through it. I joined because of a love of history and an interest in the everyday lives of people who came before us. Researching everyday people in a time before video and photography is like being a detective. Trying to learn about women in a patriarchal society only increases the challenge. Piecing together even small parts of a whole adds an immense richness to our understanding. By continually learning and asking questions we can all help each other to be better living historians. Sharing the new understandings we gather and altering what we once thought based on new understandings are crucial to us all improving! Phew! I got carried away there- my point is that we all learn from each other and in turn, teach each other new things. (Did I mention I'm a teacher?)
This is why I'm happy to share the process of my inspiration and research and hope that I can answer any questions along the way.
I have evolved into the type or living historian (reenactor) who likes to "rough it" i.e. we do not own a tent, just a lot of blankets. Again this goes back to my everyday person interest. I do like dressing up- don't get me wrong that's why I enjoy the Ladies of Refined Taste! But for my first project on this blog I am opting for a middle class gown with some extraordinary everyday fabric...

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