Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Day to Miss Boylston

Good day. I'm Sue, and also Miss Boylston. I may or may not end up being Miss Boylston, but I may as well start that way while I figure out what I'm doing. I have no idea yet what that will be.
I'd like to put more time into researching the use of lace in the 18th century, but I've done enough research already to know what I need (or don't) for next year's event. Speaking of lace, Two Nerdy History Girls recently cited Joseph Wright of Derby's Portrait of Mrs. Andrew Lindington (c. 1761-63, Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1968-73-1) for its Roman pearls, but what I love about it is the fine quality of his rendering of her blonde lace mantle, which is so well executed that I could nearly take a pattern from it (definitely the simple fan-and-ground edging, and I could wing the rest of it…). (The Nerdy Girls give a higher resolution version than the Phila. Museum of Art website.) Perhaps someday I'll manage to produce a blonde mantle, but that's a project that would take me years to execute!
Your affectionate servant,
Miss Boylston

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