Friday, August 19, 2011

Welcome Mrs. Cook

Well, I started this project as Mrs. Copley, but thought I'd do a bit of ancestor honoring and change the name to Mrs. Cook, the maiden name of my maternal grandmother.  And it's a good English name to boot!  I've decided Mrs. Cook will be of the middling sort, which is a bit better than the scruffy camp-follower/Loyalist refugee I normally portray.  This will also mean a bit of research into things I normally don't pay as much attention to and maybe even a foray into some silk.  Being a horse owner, I may have to investigate riding habits a bit.  Right now I am on the fence about that.  Yes, that was a very bad pun indeed.

Another interesting twist on this project is that I'm not only sewing for myself but also for my two daughters, who will be ages 11 and 8 by next summer.  They will both still be in back-closing gowns, as they are now.    The older daughter now also wants a pair of partially or lightly boned stays, so we may be making them as well.  And I think it's high time both of them get serious about their sewing.  We'll see how that works out.


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