Friday, August 19, 2011

Introducing Mrs. Hancock and Miss Hancock

My journey as a Crazy Concord Chic will focus on creating multiple impressions for my soon-to-be toddler, one little Miss Hancock. I will chronicle crafting her entire look—shift, stays, gown with leading strings, frock, caps, a pudding cap, apron, pilchers, etc.—and include research about other 18th century children’s accessories like toys. 

Drawing from period sources (museum collections, paintings, antique dealers, etc.) and striving to work from items with New England provenances, I will sew everything by hand and will try to avoid using commercial patterns.

As a fairly novice sewer (I have been sewing for two years), this is very much a journey of exploration and a learning process. I have ripped apart or set aside many of the gowns I’ve made for myself as I have gained a deeper understanding of 18th century construction and sewing techniques. I’m sure that creating toddler clothing will be a similar learning experience.

I hope that my journey will inspire other parents who are passionate about living history to create period-correct impressions for their little ones—which could surely help inspire the next generation of living historians.

First project – a baby cap with antique lace.

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