Monday, August 15, 2011

Mrs. Glasse Writes a Letter

Dear Mr. Northbridge,

       It is with humility that I accept your offer to cater the Garden Party at your home in Concord. It was kind of you to remember the events that I catered for the Governors Wentworth here in Portsmouth with such regard, not only for the fare provided but for the ability to create an elegant atmosphere while remaining within the proscibed budget.
       It is my understanding from your letter that in addition to the Garden Party, a militia muster will be taking place in your fields. Further, the men from the militia company, along with their wives and possibly their children will be invited to partake of afternoon refreshment.

      Careful consideration must be given in all aspects of planning such an event. There will be militiamen from  sixteen to sixty years of age of all social levels, many of whom are not acquainted with refinement of any sort.  Yet, you have mentioned that your cousin, Mrs. Peabody of Salem, and other ladies of refined taste will be in attendance along with families from the town. Yes, indeed, Mr. Northbridge, very careful planning will be key to the success of your event. It is no wonder that the keepers of the best taverns in Boston were unwilling to undertake the event and that you found the local keepers unequal to the task.

     I have set aside 10 days in in late July and early August to oversee the preparation for the event, but can be flexible with the days as you require. It is my understanding that you are providing a staff of workers to carry out my directions, however, with your kind permission, I may bring one or two people who have experience working under my direction at events of this nature to insure an effortless presentation.  I will bring some of the delicacies available here in Portsmouth to aid in elevating the fare to the level of refinement you desire.

     A small  ledger has been set aside to keep a strict account of all expenditures. I will consult you or your designee on a regular basis and submit bills on the schedule you have set. Your prompt attention to them will be most gratefully acknowledged.

    If you have further instruction for me, please contact me at your earliest convenience by post or packet.  I remain,

your most humble and obedient servant,

Mistress Sarah Glasse, prop.
Brown Dog Tavern,
Portsmouth, New Hampshire



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