Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Shifting" Gears

My Dear Friends
The most challenging element of re-creating Mrs. Skinner's look will be to find an appropriate fabric that doesn't cost a king's ransom.  And being a frugal Yankee,  I will not be content unless I score a real bargain, so unfortunately that will take some time and a little luck.

So meanwhile, what is a crazy Concord chick to do?  Why, invent a ridiculously complex project, of course! So here it is.  I'm aiming to create the look from the inside out, starting with a new shift, focusing on recreating items that are quintessentially New England, to include: reproducing a pair of stays from a local collection, an crewel worked under petticoat from a NE collection, finishing my quilted p-coat which is based on a NE artifact at the MFA, an embroidered apron from CT, and taking a stab at that magnificent cap perched upon Mrs. Skinner's poof. Not to mention scouring the universe for the perfect fabric for Mrs. Skinner's gown.

OK? Ready, Set. SEW!!!!

Yours in craziness,
Mrs. S

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