Sunday, August 14, 2011

Muster Day!

The Muster Field & the Gardens of the North Bridge Visitor Center at Minute Man National Historical Park will come alive as the local residents assemble for a Muster Day.  Planned for the summer of 2012, this event will allow us to portray several levels of society in pre-war New England as they don their best to attend an important public gathering.

We've created this blog to show how we are preparing for this event, the clothing, the food, the entertainments, etc.  Follow along as we select the elements of the clothing we intend to wear, our research, the shopping for fabrics and trims, sewing our garments, styling our hair, assembling our accessories and accouterments, as well as a look into the selection other items of 18th century material culture that we will require for this event.

Click on any of our characters to see how each of us is progressing (or not).  We've selected the names of prominent Bostonians as inspiration, though as we pursue our research, we'll likely be adopting specific Concordians to portray.

We welcome you to join in the conversation, share your thoughts, ideas, ask questions, and, of course, tell how you are getting your kit together for this event!

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