Saturday, August 27, 2011

Stay Dry - Stay Safe

Dearest Friends,

As we here in New England batten down the hatches and brace for a hurricane that will affect nearly all of the original colonies, we Crazy Concord Chicks hope all our readers in the path of the storm stay dry and safe.

Storms like this weren't formally tracked until sometime during the 19th century, though our 18th century forefathers did leave us diaries and newspaper accounts of significant storms. Since shipping was a major industry and it frequently involved the Caribbean, ship wrecks due to hurricanes were frequently reported since they affected the flow of trade.

 There are accounts of a really big storm kind of similar to the one we are about to encounter this weekend, referred to as the Newfoundland Storm of 1775. Our friend JL Bell writes in his blog, Boston 1775 about this particular storm -- and do make sure you read his subsequent post, "How some storms really did shape the Revolutionary War" for some interesting reading.

 In closing today's post, I've included an article from the Essex Journal from Newburyport, Massachusetts September 29, 1775 with a period account of the 1775 hurricane.
Stay safe--

 YH&OS, Mrs. S.

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